Update on the Papinville Picnic from the Desk of Beverly Sullins, President

With the ever changing health issues in Bates County and the state of Missouri, it became clear that a new vote needed to be taken by the Papinville Historical and Cemetery Association.

All officers, board members, band and workers were each contacted and with the votes counted, the decision was made to not have a September 2020 picnic. That being said, it will give them added time to plan a fabulous picnic for September 25, 2021.

2021 will be the 200th birthday of the Statehood of the great state of Missouri. It will also be the 200th year of the organization of Harmony Mission. This puts them in the position of planning and making 2021 a very special year.

They will be making many decisions throughout the coming months and as things and events are finalized, they will be keeping you informed every few months.

If anyone has ideas about things they would like to see included in the big celebration, please call 417-395-4288 or 417-395-2594.

No picnic this year but a resounding YES for next year.

From the Desk of Beverly Sullins, President