Update: Rich Hill Water Line Break

Jason Rich

Alliance was able to isolate the leak to only the boys home. They were able to maintain service to everyone else while they repaired the leak. The loss of service was because of the size of leak depleting the tower.

This leak was the result of an incorrectly installed line end at some point in time. A 6” line was ended with no shoring. Wet conditions allowed the pipe end to separate. Alliance has corrected this issue. They are going to perform a drive around to look for any other leaks, though none are believed to exist.

There are no known contaminations in the water system; however, water providers are required to issue boil advisories when the system drops below 20 psi. The city will remain under a boil advisory until further notice. Multiple water samples must be taken in intervals and sent off for testing. Receiving the test results varies in time.