Update Sink Hole: Public Advised to Avoid this Potentially Dangerous Site

Bill Stephan, BC Road and Bridge Supervisor, Kenny Kassner, Osage Township Trustee, Dennis Jacobs, Emergency Management Director, and Bates County Southern Commissioner Larry Hacker met John Corley, Geologist, with Department of Natural Resources/Missouri Geological Survey Tuesday morning at the intersection of CR 757 and CR 10008 to evaluate the crater-like sinkhole that appeared in the roadway over the weekend. Mr. Corley estimated the 22′ x 17′ sinkhole to be at least 8′ deep, and possibly more. After evaluation, Mr. Corley plans to reach out to another division of his agency for the availability of any mapping history available and the possibility of bringing in equipment capable of detecting additional information on a possible cavity under the sinkhole. In the meantime, Bates County Road and Bridge Supervisor Stephan will contact Dig Right for any underground utility location, and begin planning for possibly excavating the hole this coming week for remediation efforts. The public is strongly advised to avoid this potentially dangerous site.