USDA Rural Development assist Drexel

The town of Drexel, in Bates and Cass Counties, came to USDA Rural Development because their early warning system for tornadoes and other emergencies is nearly 35 years old and with repair parts being difficult to find, it has reached the end of its useful life. A properly functioning emergency warning siren system is vital to the public safety and protection of the citizens of Drexel. The new system USDA Rural Development is helping fund will have a rotating siren for maximum coverage, three distinct warning signals, six built-in siren tone signals, a high band radio system, handheld radio capability, push button control for local activation, and custom remote services.

USDA Rural Development can assist rural communities and many more with the use of our Community Facilities Loan Grant program. The Community Facilities Loan and Grant program provides funding in the form of low interest direct loans, grants, or a combination of the two, for essential public safety services such as fire and police buildings, police vehicles, fire trucks, and public works equipment. Eligible applicants include public bodies and community based non-profit corporations located in rural communities with a population of less than 20,000.

USDA RD is prepared to help rural Missouri towns with a wide range of funding opportunities to allow your communities to thrive. Let us know how we can help.

To reach out to Rural Development, visit, email, or call (573) 876-0976 to get more information on any of USDA Rural Development’s programs.