Vaccination Update From Bates County Memorial Hospital and Nevada Regional Medical Center

As COVID-19 cases continue to impact hospitals, hope is being seen in the first round of vaccines being administered throughout Missouri. 

As vaccine supplies increase throughout the coming weeks and months, vaccine operations in the community will be expanded to others as guided by the CDC and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Area hospitals and various healthcare centers like emergency walk-in clinics and others too will share a defined timeline as more information becomes available.

It will take time to vaccinate all members of the community. In the meantime, please continue to follow all safety precautions – wear a mask, practice physical distancing and hand hygiene.

The community will be kept informed and updated as more is learned and prepared for each phase of vaccinations. There are many moving parts related to the supply and administration of the vaccine, so thank you for your patience and understanding as healthcare providers strive to take care of their communities.

Share this message with your friends, family and others in the community who may have questions or concerns about the vaccine. Up-to-date resources and information also are available for individuals on the state’s vaccine website

Bates County Memorial Hospital is proud to share that their hospital team has provided more than 175 vaccinations and Nevada Regional Medical Center is proud to have provided more than 200 vaccinations both to their front-line health care workers who are among the first group eligible to receive the vaccines, in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

This information has been provided by Bates County Memorial Hospital Interim CEO, Greg Weaver and Nevada Regional Medical Center CEO, Steve Branstetter.