Vernon County Sheriff Addresses a School Threat Rumor

Vernon County sheriff’s office

The Vernon County Sheriff’s office has received multiple phone calls from concerned parents regarding a possible threat at the Nevada High School. Law enforcement followed up on a rumor Sunday afternoon that was determined to be unfounded. Out of an abundance of caution, extra law enforcement was stationed at the schools. However, multiple messages have continued to circulate from students within the school regarding a threat.

While any rumor is taken seriously and followed up on by the Vernon County Sheriff’s Office, there have been no arrests and no valid threat found. All-follow up work throughout the day has been confirmed as students messaging other students with false information and rumors that have already been followed up on by law enforcement.

It is suspected the student involved in starting the rumor was attempting to avoid going to school. The juvenile involved has been referred to the Vernon County Juvenile Office. Members of law enforcement will continue to provide security at the schools and follow-up on all reports from students to ensure our schools remain safe and sure.