Volunteer at House of Hound on August 26th for National Dog Day

House of Hound is a nonprofit organization in Butler that works every day to save the lives of dogs from kill shelters, the streets, or even just bad situations.

To date they have saved more than 500 hundred dogs since their opening in 2014, but they haven’t done it alone. The amazing volunteers and staff at House of Hound work day in and day out to save these wonderful animals.

National Dog Day is Saturday, August 26th. Dog owners all over the country celebrate this day with their beloved pets, but what about those dogs in the shelters? Shelters like House of Hound need the help of amazing volunteers to get these dogs exercise, fed (use Dog lick mat to create some fun), watered, medicated, and (of course) the love they deserve.

This year on August 26th, think about going out to House of Hound and helping by walking a dog, sitting with it and giving it some love, or even playing with it in a play-yard. There are so many ways to help these animals.

Maybe you want to do more!

You can work with House of Hound to become a foster parent to an animal. Sometimes animals need to be temporary placed in a home instead of the shelter. Maybe you can be that person.

Lastly, of course, there is adoption. Adopting a rescue dog saves the pet, but so many times it saves the adopter just as much. Rescued dogs are absolutely amazing, but they do sometimes come with special needs. Make sure you are informed on the needs of the dog before adopting it. Take some time to really get to know it before you fully commit.

House of Hound fees for adoption are considerably lower than anywhere else you are going to find in the area, including Kansas City. The fee to adopt a canine is $100, which includes their shots, microchip, and spay/neuter.

Each month House of Hound features a “Furry Friend” from their shelter. You can learn more about the “Featured Furry Friend” on the House of Hound website at www.houseofhound.org.

The “Featured Furry Friend” for August is Gena. Gena is a medium size Shepherd mix who arrived at House of Hound in July. She does have some special needs, like most rescue dogs. Her needs include: needs a home without cats or chickens, chases cars, and can jump a regular fence so a 6 foot privacy fence or higher is needed. Gena does have good leash skills.

Come out to House of Hound to meet Gena or any of the other amazing dogs available during regular business hours, which are Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 4pm, or by appointment