Voting and Covid-19 Protection

Many citizens may have concerns about going to vote at the upcoming election with the COVID-19 situation. Many safeguards are being implemented to help protect you the voter and the voting officials such as:

*No contact entrance/exit—doors will be propped open at all polling places

*Social distancing—voter stations/booths will be placed 6 ft. apart as well as markings on the floor to remind each of us to keep distance between each one

*Cleaning/sanitizing—all hard surfaces will be cleaned between voters by the voting officials; no chairs will be placed at the voter stations/booths but if you require one, an official will provide one for you

*Separation of voting officials and voters—plastic partitions will be placed between the voting officials & the voters

*Marking tools—each voter will be given a stylus/pen to use and take home rather than sharing between voters

We feel that these safeguards will help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the event someone unknowingly was infected.

Here are things, you as the voter can do:

*Stay home if you are sick

*Adhere to social distancing guidelines

*Continue to practice hand hygiene frequently

*Don’t bring anyone with you to the polls unless they too are voting, i.e. no children, etc.

*Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands with others

*Wear a mask if you wish to do so

The goal is to keep the everyone safe, and with your help it can be done.

Marlene Wainscott, Bates County Election Authority

Jody Welston, Bates County Health Officer