What ” is ” BaCo Transport

BaCo Transport  a not for profit company was established to take the place of the recent taxi service ran by the Senior Center and supported by the City of Butler. Bates County (BaCo) Transportation (Transport) started forming in Feb of 2020. A coalition of concerned citizens gathered together to discuss the problem of no senior taxi. Through those efforts a plan was established and put into effect.

     Along came Covid-19 and everything came to a halt! Volunteers had been working along with the Senior Center and the City to keep those citizens moving who needed help. The City Council granted a 30-45 day extension of the deadline when presented with a plan. Soon Covid-19 shut everything down entirely.

     Status of BaCo Transport as of June 1st is, we are almost ready to go! We have our Certificate of Incorporation from the Missouri Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft and have established a Federal Identification Number. We have submitted an application for not-for-profit status. A 501c3 tax status, will allow our donors a tax credit. We have the City of Butler’s previous taxi vehicle with radio, which was sold to us for one dollar.  We have secured insurance and our dispatcher/drivers list is ready to go.

    The company is non-profit, ran by volunteers and supported by donations. The board members along with volunteers receive no compensation for their work, and the Senior Center has given us at no charge a home to work out of.  We are not a commercial city taxi service for hire, hence the word,  Transport.  We will provide transportation for our seniors from point to point within the city limits (for now).

     When do we start? Covid-19 has taken its toll on Bates County. When our County Health Department guild lines rescind, and the Friends of Butler Seniors/Care Connections open their building, we will start.  

Submitted by:

Alvin Griffin

BaCo President