Where Your Dollars Go at the Bates County Fair Junior Livestock Show

When you support the Bates County Fair, you show your pride in our local 4-H and FFA youth for

 their accomplishments and achievements. The dollars you spend at the Bates County Fair Junior

 Livestock Sale are returned to our youth, not only in dollars for college but in the satisfaction of

 a job well done from start to finish. When you support the Bates County Fair and the various

 shows and events, you are supporting and encouraging the leaders of tomorrow. Attend the

 Bates County Fair July 5th through July 11th and attend the Junior Livestock sale for quality beef,

pork and lamb. Farm fed and raised by area 4-H and FFA youth.

This year’s Junior Livestock Sale will be held Friday, July 9th.

This Bates County Fair information is provided by the following businesses or individuals that support the fair through the platinum sponsorship level. Their contributions provide funds for the annual expenses of the Bates County Fair. Remember to thank the following local businesses or individuals that are providing this information.

Food Fair, Appleton City, Drexel                   

Flying H Genetics

Fennewald Equipment

FCS Financial