Your Community Resource Officer is Able to Do All of This for You

I am sure there are a lot of people wondering what is the community resource coordinator doing for our community?

Some examples of the services I have been providing, and the ways I have helped citizens of Bates County are:

Raised money for and worked alongside a family who lost everything in a house fire. Still taking donations and helping this family more than a month later.

Helped create, write, and print a resume, cover letter and an application for a great job opportunity!

Helped someone locate testing information and materials for GED and HiSET testing.

Assisted a citizen in applying for health insurance for them and their family.

Worked with the family of an addict, although the addict is not actively seeking treatment, that does not mean the family doesn’t need support. We worked together to develop healthy boundaries, know the difference between helping and enabling. I assisted them to locate support groups and meetings, hearing how others are struggling with the same kinds of situations is so beneficial to anyone struggling with anything.

I can provide a list of housing options in Butler. Numbers for anyone looking for housing to call and check for availability.

Assisted someone get into the treatment court program of Bates County.

Provided information on detox centers currently taking patients.

Serve as a mentor to the residents at Lily’s house.

I offer job opportunity lists to clients currently job searching.

Work with the project Hand Up thru the Carpenter’s Cup here in Butler to help the citizens of our community.

My primary focus is with the addict their self and together we complete an action plan, a 25 page packet to serve as a recovery toolkit. A crisis plan, a list of short term and long term goals. An outpatient treatment plan. Relapse prevention plan. I offer peer support and advice, along with anger management techniques, spiritual guidance, and serve as an accountability partner. It’s really easy to say your going to do this or that but I hold my clients to their commitments.

Each and every recovery looks completely different no 2 people ever recover the same, I assess each client individually, we build a plan that’s right for that person and make the needed changes as often as it takes until we have a plan that works for that person.

There are so many more services I want to provide in the future. I am looking at different classes and courses I could provide some suggestions I have received are financial planning, parenting, and co-dependency….

If there’s other ways I could better serve the community please do not hesitate to reach out to Rachelle Mallatt at 660-227-3686, here on Facebook, email or stop by 13 W. Dakota St here in Butler Monday-Friday 9-5.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and want to work as hard as I can to help better the amazing community we live in!